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Course fees: Please enclose your course fee with your booking.

Course fees can be paid by cheque or by credit/ debit card, or by bank


Cheques should be made payable to : Pembrokeshire Paragliding

Provisional bookings: Please note that your booking form and course fee must be received before your place is officially reserved.

Provisional bookings may be made by telephone but can only be reserved for 5 days.

We do NOT offer refunds on courses that are paid for, unless the refund is requested within 21 days of payment being recieved.

 Students who fail to attend for 6 months will have to pay full course fees again, if they wish to continue.

Cancellations: Courses cancelled by students more than 21 days before the commencement date of their course may be charged a 10% administration fee.

 Courses cancelled at short notice will receive no refund.

 Courses may be transferred to another person or rebooked for an alternative date, however we reserve the right to apply the 10% charge.

Lost flying days: If days are lost through bad weather we will extend or reschedule your course at no additional cost. This is a common occurrence and you should understand that although we make every effort to complete courses as soon as practical; we are not responsible for the weather.

We regret that we cannot offer refunds.

Please do not book a paragliding course if you unable to be flexible with dates. Paragliding is not for you if are unable to accommodate the vagaries of the weather. There is more detailed information on the weather and chances of flying on our website.

Please note that vouchers purchased from a third-party provider usually have a specific expiry date. It is therefore crucial that you book well in advance of that date to ensure you have an opportunity to book a suitable weather day.

Once the vouchers have expired, we are unable to honour them.

Flying conditions To ensure that everyone’s course is as safe and as enjoyable as possible it is important that you read and understand these flying conditions.

I understand that paragliding could be a dangerous activity; and carries an inherent element of risk. I unreservedly indemnify Pembs Para,  its proprietors, instructors, servants or agents for any loss or injury howsoever caused during my participation in the sport, or attendance of a course.

I certify that I am physically able* and do not now or have ever suffered from any conditions that could affect my ability to participate in the sport of paragliding. I am not taking medication or drugs of any kind, nor shall I do so during my course unless so medically advised. Neither shall I consume ANY alcohol during, or in the twelve hours preceding tuition.

I understand that the instructors decision to cease flying or terminate the course of any student for whatever reason to be final and binding. I understand and accept that deliberate failure to comply with instructions concerning both flying and general conduct during the course may result in expulsion without recompense from the course.

For safety reasons the instructors also reserve the right to refuse to train any person they consider unfit, ill prepared or improperly equipped in any way to continue his or her tuition.

• Note : If you are unsure whether you are fit enough to fly for any reason please contact us to discuss it

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