About us

Your choice of instructor and location will define your learning experience


Nick Bamber is a Senior Instructor and Tandem Pilot, and Chief Flying Instructor of Pembs Para. He has over 18 years experience of teaching Paragliding and is still as passionate about sharing his love for the sport as when he first started flying over 20 years ago. Nick has flown and taught all over the World.  



Giselle has been teaching paragliding with Pembs Para now for over 5 years. Supportive, understanding and constantly helpful, a vital part of our academy.



Rob is new to our team and everyone is impressed with his good spirits, professionalism and always happy face on the mountain.



Angus is a vital and trusted member of the team - a keen and experienced speed flyer, and expert paragliding pilot, his softly spoken wise words are an inspiration to all new and aspiring pilots.


Our Philosphy here at Pembs Para, is to always retain a deep awareness and understanding of how intense and important this first phase of Paraglider education is. This is why we believe is keeping numbers low, and focusing on our students individual needs and foibles, this enables us to give genuine First Class Bespoke Tuition, with great attention to each student. This is simply not possible with a more 'High Numbers Sausage Factory' approach.


  We have nearly 20 years experience of taking someone who has never flown a paraglider, and turning them into a competent, confident pilot.  We are also truly blessed to have some of the most beautiful and most benign sites in the whole world, for this vital first stage of learning.

Pembrokeshire Paragliding