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Having a tandem flight is the most accessible way to experience the joys of paragliding without committing to a course.  It is normal to be circling in a thermal with a red kite at your wingtip, and just enjoying the stunning aerial views of the coast of Pembrokeshire. Remember to bring a sturdy pair of boots and clothing suitable for the mountain. A reasonable level of fitness is required, as there is a short hill walk to take off.

All agreed that the sensation of coasting on the air was delightful.


— Octave Chanute, regards people who tried his gliders, 1894.

Whilst it is undeniable that paragliding does involve a certain degree of risk, and that circumstances may occur that are beyond the control of your pilot, here are some facts that may help the more cautious among you to quantify these risks, as we genuinely feel that many people miss out on the epic experience of a tandem flight because they consider it to be too risky-

 Nick Bamber has been flying  Tandems for over 14 years, in that time he has flown thousands of hours airtime, and hundreds of paying customers, and in that time has NEVER had an accident of any kind-you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

 Nick will never commence flight operations unless he is sure that conditions are safe to do so.

 Most Tandem passengers are genuinly amazed and never forget the experience, and a common phrase we hear is 'Oh its not as scary as I thought it was going to be-Its quite mellow and peacefull up here!'. Though Nick can tailor the flight to suit those who are seeking more of a 'roller coaster' experience

and a bigger jolt of adrenaline!



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Tandem Flights