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Sales and Equipment

Here at Pembrokeshire Paragliding we are dealers for Advance, Gin, Gradient, Ozone, Niviuk and BGD and Aska paragliders. We supply harnesses, reserve parachutes, boots, vario's, in fact any of the paragliding kit you may require, always at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on giving you the right advice to make sure you get the right kit for your flying style and experience level. Just click on the links below to see each manufacturers range of equipment, then phone us for a quote and advice.

Product of the month

We  supply a vast range of all

paragliding equipment, if you don't

see what your looking for, please

call and we are sure we will be able

to supply you with the kit you need at

a very competitive price.



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Advance Progress 2 Harness  - £769

Setting new standards in Hike and fly potential, in an amazing super safe package that gives agilty and security and makes an overall pack weight of under 10 kg easily attainable. Excellent integral stirrup and speed system as an optional extra.

 Come and fly a demo now!!

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