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Please Read This. This form must be printed, signed and returned with all booking forms.


The realities and dangers in the sports of paragliding


Please read all this form then sign and date after the sections below to confirm you have done so. Signing below is a confirmation of understanding the element of risk by the student and does not affect your statutory rights in any way whatsoever.


Paragliding  is a form of aviation with all of the inherent and potential dangers involved. No form of aviation is without risk - injuries and death can and do occur in paragliding . Accidents within the sport have and will continue to happen; not only to solo pilots but also to tandem pilots and passengers. Injuries sustained whilst paragliding can include fractures, spinal damage, paralysis and death. As a passenger on a tandem flight you will have no control over the paraglider and will be placing your life in the hands of the pilot. As much as the passenger is trusting the tandem pilot in flight, the pilot is trusting the passenger to think and consider carefully about the activity they are about to participate in.

Accidents very rarely happen if the student listens to the instructor and does what is asked. There will always be an element of risk even if we reduce it to an absolute minimum, its part of the sport and must be accepted.

The most common form of injury is to the ankle and lower leg. The wearing of purpose built paragliding boots can reduce the risk of these injuries considerably. It is our opinion that the wearing of ANY footwear whatsoever other than that specified increases the risk of injury.  


Personal accident insurance: We strongly recommend you take out personal accident insurance. BHPA membership only covers you for accident damage you may cause or by a third party against you. BHPA schools maximum liability is £25,000.


Please copy the following statement in your own hand writing below :-

I (your name) have read all the points above and accept and understand the personal risks involved. I have been advised to take out personal accident insurance. I have disclosed any relevant health problems to my instructors.:-




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