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RRP - £ 2135

The descendant of the legendary 'Z1',  the First combines unusual agility for a glider in this class, with beginner friendly launch and flight behaviour, with outstanding passive security.

 We feel this glider combines maximum safety with a high fun factor. Really good build quality and without a doubt the most visually impressive. Stand out from the crowd!

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RRP - £2675

Snowy Christmas eve Preseli's 034


- LTF 1-2

We have recently been lucky enough to get our hands on a demo of the Firebird Raven, and we love this glider. Mellow friendly launch behaviour, coupled with absolutely top class agility, speed and glide. With 1-2 wings as good as this, you have to ask yourself is it worth flying a 2, because despite it's speed and agility the Raven felt very solid and reliable at all times. What really rounded off a brilliant glider perfectly was

an exceptionaly good glide on full bar.

 Add to that lots of excellent touches-great Rucksack, interesting inner bag, brilliant toggle magnets and toggles as well as brake loops.


rrp- £2656