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Club Pilot Course

This element of the course builds on the skills learnt during the elementary pilot course.. You will learn to fly your paraglider in lifting air, soaring above the  ridge to land back on top for a sandwich and a drink!

 As well as learning how  to use air currents to stay airborne,  rapid descent techniques  such

as ‘big ears’ are learnt during this phase. In addition to practical development of your flying skills,

substantial lectures are provided to ensure you have a thorough theoretical understanding of air

law, site assessment and meteorology. Club Pilot is an international recognised certification .


 Course takes 5/6 days


When gliding operators have attained greater skill, they can maintain themselves in the air for hours at a time.


— Wilbur Wright, 1901.



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23-5-10 Talfyndd with Adam, Mark, David, Jeremy an youtube 228849_10150278348443794_354227648793_7537685_2113517_n